January 30th 2016
Historic Main Street

Visit us on Main Street for a day packed with fun, entertainment and information with a focus on the noble Date and its historic links with the City of Yuma.  More Medjool Dates are grown in and around Yuma than anywhere else in the USA.

The Yuma Date Festival is a day-long event that has a wide variety of events to entertain the entire family. Enjoy a fabulous array of delicious food and drink, live music, chef demonstrations, Medjool date garden tours, and more! The fun starts Saturday, January 30th, at 9 AM  with free coffee and Medjool Date muffins for the first 1,000 visitors.

Date Shakes


Face Painting

Date Muffins


Child Entertainment

Enjoy Dates

Vendor Fair

Miss Medjool

Cooking Demos

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