This Is Yuma
Yuma is located near the confluence of the Gila and Colorado Rivers in the southwest corner of the state of Arizona , on the border with California and near the border with Mexico (the state of Sonora lies to our south, Baja California to the west).
The Colorado River, which defines the border between Arizona and California, runs along the city's northern edge.
Yuma is nearly equidistant between Phoenix (178 miles) and San Diego (180 miles); also within a radius of just over 300 miles are Tucson, Las Vegas, Mexicali, Palm Springs and Los Angeles.
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Sunniest City Yuma is proud to called the Sunniest City in the USA. Because we get more sunshine than any other city in the world our weather means you can enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities year-round in addition to the Yuma Date Festival – from boating to golf to off-roading. And when the sun goes down, you'll still find plenty to do, including gaming at three great casinos. Yuma's hottest month is typically July, and August lays claim to our wettest average month, although using the word "wettest" always makes Yuma residents chuckle.